New BeginningsA home for pregnant women and their babies.

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Our kitchen area.

Our kitchen area.

Our large dining table.

Our large dining table.

What services do you provide?

  • Case management
  • Connections to Community Resources
  • Evening Programming
  • Individual Service Plans
  • Weekly Meetings
  • One-on-one education
  • Volunteer babysitters and Childcare program
  • Mentor program
  • Parenting, Health and Wellness Programming
  • Independent Living Skills Programming
  • 24-hour Staff
  • Structured Living
  • Decision Making
  • Transitional Planning
  • Transitional programming and home visits


How long can a woman stay?

A woman can come to New Beginnings at any time during her pregnancy. If a woman chooses to parent her child she is able to stay six months to one year after the birth of her child. If a woman chooses adoption as her parenting plan she can stay up to two months after the birth of her child.

What are the living quarters like?

New Beginnings is housed in a former convent. It is a three-story building. The top floor has six resident rooms and six baby rooms, along with a large living room with an exercise area, shower rooms and a bathroom. The main floor of the building is mostly office space with four resident rooms, two baby rooms, a computer/resource room, shower room, restroom and an on-site child care program. The bottom floor includes the dining room, kitchen, a living room, and the board room. New Beginnings also has an enclosed courtyard. Take a virtual tour.

What should I bring with me if I am a new resident?

New Beginnings' resident rooms come fully furnished. In each resident room there is a twin bed (with bedding), chest of drawers, closet, sink, desk, and a chair. Each room is decorated a little differently, but all has the same basic furniture. Residents are invited to bring personal items for their room. Any large electronics or other large furniture items will need to be approved by staff.

How much does it cost?

New Beginnings does not turn anyone away because of an inability to pay. If a resident is a minor (under the age of 18) their parent's income will be taken into consideration when establishing a fee. There are predetermined amounts in place for women whose main source of income is provided by the state. New Beginnings encourages employment, a portion of a woman's paycheck will be paid for program fees.

Do you provide daycare?

New Beginnings can now assist residents with the New Beginnings' Childcare Program.  Once a baby is born, the resident needs to complete the childcare application and paperwork.  This paperwork would include physical and immunization forms that must be signed by the baby's doctor.  Once this process is complete the resident can start to request childcare.  The residents use their points that they earn in the program in order to "pay" for the childcare.  Staff will also work with the resident to find childcare services in the area.  This may include applying for Childcare Assistance through the county.  The New Beginnings' Childcare Program is meant to be a back-up childcare.  This is done so it is an easier transition for the resident when they move out and searching for a childcare in the community is an experience that is helpful for all new parents.  New Beginnings will provide volunteer babysitters for the nightly programming.

Do you provide food?

New Beginnings does provide an evening meal for all residents Sunday through Thursday. The residents plan the meals and take turns cooking for the rest of the house. Breakfast, lunch and weekend meals need to be self provided by the women. There is a pantry of donated food items that is available for the residents. There is also WIC (Women, Infant and Children) and food assistance available for those who qualify.

When can I see my family and friends?

New Beginnings program strives for independence of all residents. New Beginnings is open to having visitors in the building with prior approval from staff. There are also weekend passes available for residents, so they can leave the program from Friday until Sunday at 6pm to spend time with friends and family.

Do you provide transportation?

Most of New Beginnings residents rely on the St. Cloud Metro Bus System. We are located on the bus line, making riding the bus easy and convenient for the residents. Taxicabs are also available for hire. New Beginnings does not pay for bus passes or cabs. On occasion, New Beginnings is able to provide a volunteer driver for residents. Residents are able to have their own personal car at New Beginnings.

What does Christian Environment mean?

Christian environment means that we treat everyone with respect. If you request your mentor be of a specific faith, we will try our best to match a mentor to your request and help residents find spiritual support within the community.

What if I have other children?

New Beginnings is licensed for babies up to the age of one. A woman should be a first time mom or have made other living arrangements for her children while she is a resident in the program. Other children are able to visit the mother while at New Beginnings with prior staff approval.

Do I have to share my room and a bathroom?

Residents at New Beginnings are assigned individual bed rooms. If a resident chooses to parent they will be assigned a baby room next to their bedroom. New Beginnings has a 3 stall restroom on each of the floors with resident rooms. Residents share these bathrooms. Each resident is also assigned to share one of the 3 shower rooms with no more then 3 other residents. Shower rooms are private (not community style shower rooms)

What if I do not meet the admission requirements?

Unfortunately New Beginnings program is not the right fit for everyone. If you do not meet the admissions requirements you can call for one time resource and referral services or choose from the resources listed below.

/united_way_logo.gif United Way 2-1-1
or dial 2-1-1 or 1-800-543-7709


/mdh_logo.gif MN Department of Health
Positive Alternatives