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Show You Care, Volunteer at New Beginnings
Have you been looking for a way to show you care and to give back to the community?

New Beginnings offers several volunteer opportunities for persons who wish to become involved in our mission. Our volunteers make a difference, not only by enhancing the services we provide, but often by making them possible. Come join a group of truly wonderful individuals--Become a New Beginnings' Volunteer!

If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities discussed below, please contact the Volunteer/Mentor Coordinator at (320) 255-1252 or by email at to find out more information or to schedule a tour and complete a volunteer application.

Volunteer Babysitters

This is a fun opportunity to spend time with babies (age birth to one year), and help young moms at the same time. Many of our volunteer babysitters rely on New Beginnigs to get their "baby fix", and we rely on them to make it possible for our women to do the things they need to do in order to accomplish their goals and improve their lives.

Volunteer Babysitters care for infants at New Beginnings while their moms are at school or work until daycare is arranged; when the moms have appointments and other outside commitments such as job interviews or drivers' education; and also when we have speakers coming in for evening sessions with the women as part of scheduled programming.

Both daytime and evenings opportunities are available, and no certain number of hours is required, so this opportunity is flexible. Usually babysitters are called about a week in advance to be notified of babysitting opportunities for the following week. If any openings work for them, that's great; if it doesn't, that's fine too! Each babysitter cares for only one baby at a time. We have a large, comfortable living room near the resident and baby bedrooms for babysitters and babies to play in.

Babysitters must be at least 21 years of age and must submit to a criminal background study.

Volunteer Mentors

Mentoring can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. A New Beginnings mentor provides an individual resident with friendship, support, and encouragement during her stay at New Beginnings. Most of our residents are new to the area, and don't know anyone except those who are serving them in a professional capacity. Having a mentor provides them with someone who takes a personal interest in them as a friend.

Mentoring is a commitment, but a flexible one. Mentors commit to an individual resident for the whole length of her stay, which can be anywhere from just a couple of months to over a year-and-a-half. We ask that our mentors dedicate an average of 1-2 hours per week on spending time getting to know their mentee in order to build the relationship and then to keep it going.

Mentors and mentees are responsible for contacting each other and setting up times to meet based on their schedules. Some weeks will go by with only a quick phone call or a message on the answering machine, and other weeks a whole afternoon may be spent together. This is fine; what is important is that the relationship continues to grow and develop.

What do mentors do with their mentees? They chat on the phone, or in person at New Beginnings or out in the community; they do fun things, like going for walks or renting movies; sometimes they accompany their mentee to Childbirth Education, which is held here at New Beginnings, and even witness the birth of their mentee's child. They may occasionally bring her to a doctor appointment in order to be an advocate for her. After the birth, they adore her baby along with her and offer support, whether she is choosing to parent or place.

A short training is provided for potential mentors in order to give them an idea of what their mentoring experience may be like, what challenges and disappointments they may face, the importance of respecting confidentiality and setting boundaries, and similar topics.

Mentors must be female, at least 21 years of age, and must submit to a criminal background study.

Volunteer Drivers

Most of the women at New Beginnings use the bus system in order to get where they need to go, but in some situations, such as dropping off job applications or getting from one place to another in a short period of time, volunteer drivers transport residents.

Volunteer drivers are needed occasionally, and are usually called at least a week in advance. There is no time commitment or obligation... if the volunteer is available for a transportation need, that's great; but if not, that's fine too!

New Beginnings does not own a company vehicle; volunteers must use their own vehicle, and must have a valid driver's license and current vehicle insurance. Volunteer drivers must be at least 21 years of age and submit to a criminal background study.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Grocery Shoppers

Our women eat supper together Sunday through Thursday evenings. Volunteers are needed to shop for the groceries for these meals once a week. A detailed grocery list is prepared for the volunteers, and charge accounts are maintained at the major grocery stores.

Volunteer Cooks

Once a month our Board of Directors meets over the lunch hour. Volunteers are needed to prepare the meal for these meetings. The meal can be prepared either just before the meeting or in advance, either at New Beginnings or at the volunteer's home. Either the volunteer cook or New Beginnings can do the grocery shopping and plan the menu.

Volunteer Donation Organizers

New Beginnings has a "Baby Store" and "Women's Store" on site, each filled with donated items, such as diapers, baby toys, formula, shampoo, mittens, etc. Residents earn points through participating in programming, which they can use to purchase items in these stores. Volunteers are needed to sort, store, and sometimes clean donated items in the stores.

Volunteer Gardeners

During the warm months we need volunteers to keep our garden areas looking beautiful, and all through the year to water and care for the houseplants throughout our building.

Volunteer Office Helpers

Occasionally we need a little office help here at New Beginnings, such as answering the phone and door during a meeting, or assisting with excess paperwork and mailings.

Volunteer Fundraiser Helpers

When we hold a fundraiser, we often need volunteers to help out in one way or another depending on the type of fundraising activity. Fundraisers we have held in the past include brat sales, rummage sales, craft fairs, and our annual golf tournament, dinner and silent auction.

Volunteer (You Fill in the Blank!)

Do you have other ideas of how you may like to offer your time and your talents as a volunteer at New Beginnings? Let us know!